The Dementia Dynamics curriculum, written in cooperation with university education faculty, conveys the information in an interesting, interactive way designed for practical application, and suited to a variety of educational levels and learning styles.  More in depth clinical training is given to nurses and other requiring continuing education credits.

The fundamental premise behind our education is to allow the caregiver to enter the patient’s world and view life from the patient’s perspective.  Just a few of the issues covered in our training are:

•    Fundamentals of the disease process (adjusted to the educational background of the group)
•    Common behaviors among dementia patients
•    Proactive methods for managing patient behavior / preventing combative behavior
•    Safety Issues
•    Environmental Factors
•    Sudden changes in patient behavior
•    Managing caregiver stress
•    Caregiver grief

Our curriculum includes role-playing, interaction between caregivers, and humor, interspersed with lecture / visual presentations by experienced, knowledgeable educators.