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September 6, 2010

Over the years, the other founders and I have had family members in nearly 20 different locked dementia facilities, ranging from daycare to assisted living to nursing homes.  While some of these offered excellent care, in our experience, very few of the caregivers working in these facilities knew how to interact with those suffering from various forms of dementia.  There is excellent training available on how to bathe a patient, how to feed a patient, how to dress a patient, etc.  However, very few places train employees on how to interact with the patient WHILE they are bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.  That’s where Dementia Dynamics, LLC comes in.  We fill in the training.

The need for this kind of training became particularly apparent in the case of Dr. Potts‘ father, Lester Potts, who had both front-temporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Lester was a kind, gentle man all his life.  As he sank deeper in dementia, he became violent and combative, and was still strong enough to injure several caregivers.  What we noticed was that some caregivers could interact with him without incident.  What was the difference?  They knew how to enter his world, see things from his perspective and make him feel comfortable.  These techniques are what we teach at Dementia Dynamics, LLC.

Not all combative situations can be prevented and medications are sometimes needed to help control behavior.  However, the need for medication can be reduced and the quality of the patient’s life (not to mention that of the caregiver!) can be improved through knowing how to interact with people suffering from memory disorders.

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Ellen Woodward Potts
Managing Partner
Dementia Dynamics, LLC

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